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narrativa e di portafoglio

narrative and portfolio of Ian Siegel

The surrounding environment’s relationship to the architecture is the purely physical volumes of nature, people, and institutions

We acknowledge the physical surroundings and respond to them, aiming to enhance experience or efficiency or both. Not to do so is reckless and a disservice to any user of the architecture.
Without context, architecture is meaningless.

Everything is architecture as long as it creates spatial and structural conditions.
Buried axes and moments of prominence were once prominent for a reason and were buried for a reason.

Correlating a new construction to history should be approached with thoughtful consideration to the present-day relevance to anything historical. For what reasons would it be appropriate for one revive a specific artifact from the past?

Relates to the situational usage of the architecture, frequently out of our human hands. This usage is determined by the mentality of the user body, consisting of a conglomeration of emotional, ethnic, physiological, and behavioral trends of human backgrounds.

Decisions must begin after careful examination of the existing and how it is used, and each decision must thoughtfully consider these observations.
Our legacy must not be so rigid to impose upon the creation’s ability to function as an organism, hosting spontaneous performances whose nature falls beyond the foresight of the planners.

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